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Tunein radio for Lumin app


Mar 30, 2022
Hello all
Many thanks for this great forum I discovered a few months ago :)

This is my first post, to share my attempts to set up a satisfying streamer setup with dsp that would allow me to switch on demand between two listening configurations : one normal, the other one with a 5ms delay line and a -3db level applied to my right speaker. I need it to ajust to two listening positions in my living room, one normal on speaker axis, and one on my couch, wich is quite off axis, so there I need to compensate for the left speaker being about 2m more distant than the right speaker. This compensation works really well actually in my case, restoring a good stereo image despite being so off axis.

Roon has those dsp facilities embedded in the app. But I don't want to pay 700$ for them. (And by the way, I find them so usefull, I don't understand why this type of dsp is not more largely natively embedded in streamers).

So I tried an alternative with LMS + Upnp/dlna bridge plugin + Moode streamer + Allodigione signature. Moode was my choice here because it has Camilladsp embedded, but I couldn't get Moode to work properly with LMS through Upnp. Of course LMS + Moode works flawlessely through squeezelite, but then camilladsp gets deactivated ...

So finally my working solution is now made of Bubbleupnp server + Minimserver (on my NAS for my local music files) + Moode as streamer (on my pi4) + allo digione signature + the Lumin app on android as control point. It works very fine, and I can swich camilladsp's settings on the fly through Moode, wich is fantastic for A/B comparisons, even better than in Roon where there is still a small gap between dsp setting change . And I recently discovered the Lumin app wich I find to have a great user interface, with Qobuz integration, way better than the LMS with material skin that I was used to.

My only frustration at the moment is that I could not manage to open the Tunein radios inside the Lumin app. It should normally work, after login to the tunein web site, but there is no way for me to have the "Internet Radio Setting" appear in the Lumin options.

I am using the free Lumin app without any Lumin hardware whatsoever, but from what I have read, this should not be the reason for the radio settings not showing up. Anybody had the same problem, and could find a way in Lumin app for integrating the tunein radios (or any other radio source, but tunein is supposed to be integrated by design) ?

Thanks !
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