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Topping dx7 pro: an amazing product

Marc v E

Addicted to Fun and Learning
Mar 9, 2021
The Netherlands (Holland)
Based on the review here by @amirm I recently bought a Topping Dx7 pro.
I've been working from home for about a year now and wanted a desktop system that could drive the Genelec 8030 and serve as a headphone amplifier in case I would miss the bass.

At first I tried it in my main system and was pleasantly surprised by the solid placement of instruments and voices. I experienced the bass as less present than I was used to, but after a second listen it actually seemed full of impact but much faster. (And finally came to the conclusion it is just better, more truthfull to the recording!) Then I tried the Sennheiser hd650 which was very very good. Just very natural.
Finally I tried the Genelecs and was again surprised at the detail available and the fact I wasn't really missing the bass. The recording was communicated very truthfully.

After about a week I must say I'm very impressed. This is hifi in the true-est meaning of the word. It is hard to describe because it just plays what is there and imposes no character of itself.

A big thank you to the people involved in engineering this product. And to the customer service team. I'm very impressed and will heartily recommend your products.
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