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Topping DX3Pro+ and PA3s - flashing blue light on "BAL"


May 24, 2022
/EDIT - Sorry, I'm a goof. I figured it out. I had a loose speaker wire that came loose while I was putting everything in its place. Was shorting pos to neg on right channel. Wow, what a combo. Super impressed. Coming from SMSL SA300 + D10S. Able to correctly take advantage of Emotiva SE8 bass management now thanks to the DX3Pro+ variable volume control.

Just received my DX3Pro+ and PA3s. Was super excited to play around this morning, but am getting a flashing blue light next to the "BAL" (balanced) input label on the PA3s.

I've double-checked connections, external power supply, etc.. It won't even let me change the input to Single Ended. If I unplug it it , "SE" will light up briefly and then start flashing twice on the "BAL" input label.

Did I get a lemon, or is there something else I can try or may be missing?
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