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Topping D10 VS D50S! Looking to upgrade to new speakers in the future, most probably something like 400W speakers with amp. In that case, D10 or D50?

D50S VS D10

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  • D10

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Oct 11, 2021
Hi, I'm thinking about changing some of my PC as source desktop gear for more regular shaped components (and mild upgrade or different sound). Currently got an older matrix M-stage which packs a good punch, and an iFi Zen Dac. Some people have said the Zen Dac doesn't perform Welle, but functionally it works great at a pre amp from PC, and with exclusive mode with Tidal. Pretty retro styling and the amp is quite deep.

I've ordered the THX AAA 789 amp, just wondering would the D10 or D30/50 be the go, or a USB (stealth) device like the Hidizs S9 PRO (for A$140 provides 4V balanced output and measures the same as competitors more than double its price)?

I would then get the proprietary 2.5mm balanced to XLR, otherwise I've got spare trs to XLR cables for use with say the D10. The other option is to get a 4.4mm pentaconn (balanced) to xlr cable to use with the Zen Dac? May be able to sell the zen for decent coin, just rather something stackable.

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