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To the JBL learned, Mid-Highs with Differential Drivers?


Dec 24, 2020
Have long being attracted to the benefits of Differential Drivers with dramatic; less inductance, bigger thermal dissipation surface, higher Xmax and less distortion and weight.
It simply comes as a superior driver design, at least for Mid and Low frequencies, where piston speakers shine.

So I am redesigning the MIDs section of my multi-amplified active crossover-ed sound system. Aiming for rather high volume (above 120 dBs) and quality sound at DIY prices, to be used mainly at big rooms or open air.

At first, I was fixated on a later model of a 12" differential Driver, the JBL 262F.
Now I am instead, seriously considering utilizing the JBL 261F with 10" (2 Ohms), using 2 units per side (L+R) serially connected to present 4 Ohms to each of the amp channels.

My main standing condition is that I already have excellent bullet tweeters for the High-Frequency section... which require from the MiD drivers to go as high at the crossover point to 3.5 kHz, no less. I have long time being searching for such MID-High freq drivers, with no or few results and always come back to the admiration of the Differential Drive (DD) design.

Obviously using a single 12" size driver for each stereo side (L+R) would be simpler to implement than building two 10" divers per side (L+R).
However, that is an insignificant consideration. I very much doubt that a 12" DD driver may reach with healthy sound as high as 3.500 Hz... particularly when specifications show xover points nearing 1,8 kHz at existing JBL speakers (be it on EON, PRX or VRX lines).

Theoretically 10" drivers would have a better chance to reach into those higher frequencies (more so if run at higher impedance -4 Ohms- setting), but I have yet to find written information that indicates these components are capable of achieving such Mid-High frequencies. To further help this possibility, I am using SUBs with a xover point of 120 Hz (and could try even higher points), so the JBL 261F will run lighter that the usual configurations that require them to cover the 50-to-120 Hz, lower octave.

///That is the idea, however I have -so far- being unable to locate specific information (Specification Sheets, Thiele and Small data) about any of both; JBL 261F 10" or 262F 12" DD models, or other similar and able DDs, in case they do exist.

Could someone point me to those specification files or links for these components info? DD Ideas? Will it work?
I'll appreciate.

Thank you for the community, this is my first post here.
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