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To Sell Europe : Hypex NC502MP Module 2X350W / 8R + cables Set.


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May 2, 2020

I am selling a brand new NC502MP Hypex Ncore module 2X 350W / 8R (500W / 4R), or 1X 1200W bridged.
Perfect module to drive big speakers, low THD, transparent and known for its great performance. (See ASR test).
Nice for any DIY project. (Power amp, Power block)

I provide the cables set + free shipping to Europe only.

I had bought this module by opportunity but I don't have time to go through with my new DIY project.

Paypal only

Please contact me by private message.

Price : 460€

Hypex NCore NC502MP twin Channel Module
PSU SMPS integradted 1200W
XLR / RCA support
Auto sensing 100-240V mains input operation
0.5W standby operation
1.5KW Main PSU
47K Ohms Input Impedance, low output impedance
THD 0.0018%
S/N Ratio 116dB
26dB Voltage Gain
1X1200W 8 ohms bridged
2 x 350W 8 Ohms
2 x 500W 4 Ohms
2 x 450W 2 Ohms
Fully loaded flat frequency response
92% efficient

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