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Tinnitus? Impedance mismatch? SMSL SP200 + Beyer 1990 Pro


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Nov 12, 2020
i am a bit of a n00b. But i was reading about mismatching amps and headphones.

My current setup is:
PC source> USB Input DAC (SMSL M400) > balanced out > Balanced in SMSL SP200 > Beyerdynamic 1990 pros

Currently i am suffering from tinnitus in my right ear, i heard that potentially i could get this from mismatching the amps output impedance (which i have checked is "Output Impedance: Near 0ohm") and my headphones which are 250 ohm. This is due to spikes in certain frequencies (especially high) which are present in these headphones as they are for mixing and mastering.

Question, am i talking talking rubbish? Or have i got the gist of this. Since i got this amp i have found it to be so loud at times, i tend to turn it up to just squeeze a little more enjoyment out of it. I believe this is what these headphones lack, mainly because they are designed for work and not enjoyment. I do like the headphones overall but i am in the market for a new set of more musical and fun headphones. I listen to a lot of Electronic music as well as rock and such, but i am happy to keep both headphones.

I have been looking into getting equaliser APO for windows which i hear can reduce the certain frequencies by a margin to balance out the EQ on headphones which are a little bit too heavy on the highs.

Could anyone give me any way of figuring out what frequencies, if i am indeed suffering from a mismatch of gear.

Thanks a bunch.

Aug 3, 2020
impedance mismatch won't cause tinnitus

Install EQ APO / Peace and turn down the frequencies that hurt your ears, and be happier.

Also note that there are other headphones out there with less sharp treble spikes
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