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Thoughts on new set up re streaming services and home streaming


Feb 27, 2021
United Kingdom

Love the site so refreshing and it has helped me re-kindle my love for music.

I've recently purchased the Topping and A50s and the E30 that drives my HD6XX great combination. I'm though descending into the typical neurotic bloke about the next steps. I already had the Kef LSXs as all of this is in my home office. At the minute I'm running Roon with Qobuz and this makes the playing to the KEFs and the Topping rig very straightforward.

I'm wondering though do I really need Hi-Res (certain man cave satisfaction of seeing different sample rates on the DAC) I think the bigger question is lossy vs lossless I have a bundled Apple Music subscription with my phone deal. At the minute Qobuz and Roon is costing circa £25 per month and I'm thinking this would be better saved and then invested in speaker/headphone upgrades.

The real loss in Roon will be the lack of EQ and the discovery through Roon Radio but I believe I can get a system wide EQ for OS X such as SoundSource. I would just use the Qobuz but no native support for Hi Res for Kef LSX as I have to use Airplay. I've tried Audirvana and this works well using DLNA feeding Hi Res to the LSX.

You can see the Rabbit hole I'm diving into. The option is to keep it simple and just use Apple Music and Airplay and again the EQ software for the headphones or create a different workflow utilising a lossless streaming service.

What advice would you give re the streaming service to use as I use this all the time to listen to music although I have approx 1,000 albums on a NAS?

If you do suggest lossless and possibly Hi Res any suggestions for the infrastructure both physical and software to transport and play. I'm up for messing with Raspberry Pi etc?

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