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Thinking about getting the Dared MP 5BT....Anyone have experience with this valve amp?

Jun 4, 2021
Hi there folks. I have been looking into getting my hands on a valve headphone /speaker amp and was considering the Dared MP 5BT.

Is there anyone out there with any experience with this amp? Or that can offer a better equivalent for under £350/$500.
I believe it has been around in one form or another for about 20 years and I have seen some very complimentary reviews including one by an electrical engineer.
I have Sundara headphones and a variety of IEM`s and would be looking to drive some Vietta Neo 10`s, Warfdale Diamond 9.1`s and maybe some old EPOS E14`s from the 80`s. My music taste is varied but mainly Classic Rock, Progressive, Jazz and Metal.
I have looked at a number of valve headphone amps, though mainly the hybrid type as I am using planar`s, but I much prefer the idea of something I can run through some speakers also
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