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The new Star Trek series like Discovery an up coming ST series like Picard an Section31


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Apr 30, 2018
Bit Off topic probably but can't help it I'm a die hard Trekkie. But if we can discus new Tesla cars we can discuss Star trek is my guess.

Some idea's from a more current scientific approacher of upcoming storielines for existing an new Star trek series that i posted earlier on a star trek forum.

What to expected from the new Section 31 and Picard Serie from a more current scientific knowledge.
First off all i love the whole Star trek concept an saw them all (I'm 59).

Discovery is a good continuation of the Star Trek saga with newer insight/technology than was possible in the 60ties 80 or for that matter 90ties. Characters plots etc are brought more to the current reality of 2019. So can't wait for the new Section31 and Picard serie(s).

The reason for this changes must lay in the fact that we know much more because of scientific discoveries perspective than years before. For instance after discovering black-holes (predicted in 1916 discovered in 1971) we discovered about 3 years ago gravitational waves so empty space a vacuum does not exit.
White the latest technology we can see back in time 13 billion years ago specific milliseconds after the big bang. Knowing now that string theory could be a reality which institutions like Fermi lab CERN (LHC) are investigating now (looking for the graviton particle).

Next month i will join a master class about Quantum computers at the technical university of Delft in the Netherlands where for instance questions could be raised/discussed if Q bits exist partly in a parallel time-lines/universe. What is strange that I never heard in a Star Trek series about the infinite possibilies of a Quantum computer (as far as i know) calculating extreem complex posiblities/scenarios.

It is known that Dutch Nobel price winner Gerard het Hooft more or less accepts the fact that String theory is correct. Ha ha he is already talking of Pre Quantum conditions (does the current quantum conditions like a superpositions of particles also applies for strings?) where most people can't get their head around existing quantum conditions. So he is calculating if the black-hole event horizon that is located in the middle of our milky-way could consist of all information (stars planets suns you me) that is projecting like a lens our reality around us describing a holographic universe where you and me live in.
If proven (and that is very likely) concepts like going back in time or going into the future could become obsolete because it could be calculated that time does not exsist and there is no beginning or end which will raise all sort of questions for instance about religion. So it could be that everything around us is a 2 dimensional representation at the core of our existence. This would be a huge challenge to incorporate in a Section31 and Picard series pure the latest hardcore deep science at it best. Or must we wait for the next Star Trek series 40 years later in 2060 when we probably accept and have proven that we live in a holographic universe whatever that implies. Fascinating Spock would say probably.

For people that will wrap their head around this kind of possible realities an possible forthcoming storie lines for the Section31 and Picard serie(s).

To relate this topic a bit to audio i put a link with a Blake Alert ring tone from Discovery. http://www.mediafire.com/file/h86qajwr11e0g2h/Black_Alert.mp3/file
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Mar 9, 2016
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What is strange that I never heard in a Star Trek series about the infinite possibilies of a Quantum computer (as far as i know) calculating extreem complex posiblities/scenarios.
Maybe not worth mentioning if they're all of that design (or beyond).

I'd like to take a ride on the Holodeck, though.
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