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Tekton style like tweeter array good idea?

Given suitable tweeters (which are available today) and crossover (which I haven't modelled), I can see Tekton's tweeter array resulting in a narrower-than-normal and more-uniform-than-normal radiation pattern over its frequency range. So, I see it as an alternative to using a horn to cover approximately the same frequency range, rather than being an alternative to a more conventional mid + tweet pairing.

This is the model which stands out to me as particularly elegant in concept, and especially for its price. I wish I could do a decent horn speaker in that size/performance ballpark for anywhere near that price.
Considering the price, I think credit where it's due to Tekton for bringing to market a unique approach that some seem to really enjoy. I have never heard them so can't comment there. I'd always been curious to hear them, which ended with how the reviewers who found they were less than perfect in the measurements, were treated/threatened etc. There could have been a very productive and interesting mutually beneficial discussion about it, but ego and narcissism dominated and it went from bad to worse. Many brands don't measure well, preferring to have a "house sound" they prefer, and have a customer base who likes that sound. Some of the biggest brands in the biz are in that category. That's fine by me, just fess up to it, own it, and move along. For some, speakers that don't measure well are not for them, and they will pass on it. Not seen any measurements of the ATC SCM 19 v2 I have, but I think they sound damn good in my system. I hope they measure well when/if tested by Erin et al, will not alter my enjoyment of them. There was an earlier model tested by Amir, and it didn't fair well, ATC bashing fairly common on this forum.

Back to Tekton: he could have easily avoided all the drama, but doubled down on the poorly considered response to the reviews, which were not even particuarly negative! He could still pull a partial win from it the ego was put aside and rational thought returned.
I would not call these Tektons arrays "coaxial", obviously the 2+1 and 14+1 arrays are not even coaxial from a geometric perspective and even in the 6+1 array the top and bottom tweeters are used for a different frequency range the the other 4 ones on the left and right. So we can expect more evenly radiation on the horizontal than on the vertical axis, which is what we see in the 3 stereophile measurements:

2+1: https://www.stereophile.com/content/tekton-design-enzo-xl-loudspeaker-measurements
6+1: https://www.stereophile.com/content/tekton-design-impact-monitor-loudspeaker-measurements
14+1: https://www.stereophile.com/content/tekton-moab-be-loudspeaker-measurements

This has little in common with a real coaxial or fullrange driver.
I guess this should sound very Hi end lol

Of course the ''But its measured performance shows that this unusual design is not compromised''
How much did pay Eric for that comment?, there is a guy in youtube that was payed to doing a good review to the double impacts, im not souprise by anything in this hobby
It's own measurements confirm the mess with the design. WTF.

Even the cabinet alone is a mess.
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