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Suggestion speaker combination


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May 30, 2022
I have already spent some time with interesting topics and information in this forum. Thank you for that!
My current LCR system consists of 2x JBL XTI 80 and 1x ELAC SRL CENTER and 1x ELAC BASS 773. Maybe not the best combination. These Speakers are 20-25 years old. The room is approx. 25m², the listening area /home cinema is approx. 16m². Because of our sleeping children, we are watching movies or tv on quite volume in the evening. The dialogues are comparatively quiet, although the dynamic compression and center volume have been increased. So, I thought it's time to change the speakers so something new?

I'm currently interested in the Polk R200 (490.- Eur) / ES20 (225 Eur), KEF Q350 (400.- Eur) and the Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 (350.- Eur). These speakers should be fine for music and movies. Since the center speaker is essential for movies, I would like to choose a good one with clear dialogs. Specialist audio shops always recommend taking the entire front from one manufacturer / series. I watch "the enter Channel Speakers (by Erin)".

My Questions:
-> Do you think I can expect a significant improvement compared to my previous setup?
-> Should i rather get the Polk R200 or ES20 for building a surround system?
-> Are the Polk ES20/R200 a good combination with the ES30 as center or should I get another center like the KEF Q250c/Q650c (Erin video) Polk R300/R400 or a bookshelf speaker as center?
-> Can I combine the Polk R200 with the ES Series (ex. ES10, ES15) for surround or better off with the whole ES system? (ex. 2x R200, ES30, 2x ES15)

In case I put this in the wrong place in this forum I apologize in advance.
kind regards
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