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Studio Monitors - Dynaudio Core 47 vs Neumann KH310



Apr 10, 2022
I only felt it fair that if the 47 is being dismissed on measurement alone (since none of us seem to have A/B'd these two monitors) that I should give a bit of criticism of the 310 based on measurements.

Sure the 310s have never struck me as lacking bass on the occasions I've heard them, and of course, the LF region is so influenced by room placement / wall proximity that a few dB here or there in basic FR is almost irrelevant.

But I'll argue it because, internet, and even if I'm wrong that's what we do, right!? :) I can say for a fact that on Amir's on-axis FR plots, everything below about 120Hz is around 96-97dB and everything above 2k is more like 98-100dB. So it's not nothing.

The 47 is scrappier, but less tilted, to my eye.

FWIW, I've heard the 310 in a couple of very small rooms (14x10' maybe?) with little treatment and slightly larger rooms with what seemed like good treatment (22x16' maybe?) and they sounded pretty great in all setups!

Exactly like others have said, in the larger room it was a bit easier than I'd hoped to get them sounding stressed in their bottom octave. Not that bass overall didn't go loud, or deep, but that (like any speaker) it can't do both at the same time.

(I don't know if it has a DSP push to extend the LF cutoff at the expense of SPL maybe? Or maybe I'm just getting used to monitors where the LF that would trouble them is high-passed out these days.)

I do think in a 14x12 room you will be OK with typical material at 85dB, especially if you anticipate knocking the LF down for boundary reinforcement.
Gotcha, and understood. Thanks for putting your time into this to help me.i


New Member
May 10, 2022
In studio monitor, KH310 completely destructs the middle part, heart 47. They will do 85db all day, though they do get help from adding a subwoofer KH310 very clearly has more controlled great distribution in all directions.


Jun 7, 2021
Core 47s are amazing. I own a pair and my mixes have been so much better. I do have a treated room. I don't use my sub much with them. They can go pretty low.


Jul 31, 2021
Thanks very much. I guess my decision is made.
Did you end up getting the KH 310? I’d just offer one more recommendation which is that the KH310 is neutral and has great bass extension in a compact footprint, but for mixing I found I really needed a second pair of speakers to check the vibe of the mix with. Even something small and cheap would be fine.
Jun 25, 2020
I've bought on reviews from here before and on both occasions been the only time in my life I have returned goods. I had my eye on the core speakers for a while, but during COVID supply was restricted. I only have a small room, so based on past experience knew the Core 7's would be more than enough. I managed to buy them at £1k each. And my lord do they push some music out. They are clinical, but that's fine as if I want to tweak I use SoundSource ( Mac ) and tweek the response curve. I then spotted a Core Sub at £2.3k about bought that. Man, I've put that into a 8m x 9m room with 4.5m vaulted ceiling and it pressurised it. They might not be pretty. But for £4.3k, 112db down to 15Hz with a 4 x 9" sealed subs.

I've had active speakers for the past 12 years and I think this set up is great bang for your buck. Built like a tank.
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