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Streaming device with lip sync adjustment

Nov 21, 2018
I'm trying to find a streaming device (supports Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, et al) that has a lip sync adjustment setting. No matter what I try--Game mode, default settings, you name it--the audio is always slightly behind the video on my TV. It's close enough that others may not notice, but it pulls me right out of the moment because it looks like bad ADR. When I plug in my laptop and play files, I use Media Player Classic to adjust the "audio time shift" to be in sync (-20ms). Is there a streaming device that allows this adjustment? I would like to avoid having to purchase and set up a HDMI home theater receiver and speakers for this location, which I realize is going to be the solution for most people who have this issue.

Devices I have tried include my laptop, a PS3, and a Roku Streaming Stick. The TV has a built-in Netflix app that is not capable of streaming at the full 1080p bitrate because the TV is somewhat old (2011), however audio appeared to be in sync from what I recall. The Roku Streaming Stick seems to have the most consistent output and is the most watchable for me. Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Mar 9, 2016
Riverview FL
Maybe your ears are slow?


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Dec 31, 2018
If you want full 1080P, look into Nvidia Shield. I bought it as it was the only android device I could find that supported 1080 Amazon and Netflix, along with clean integrated VPN support. It also has lipsynch. Its sweet. There aren't many android devices supporting Netflix in 1080. My research:
Chromecasts: no Prime support, have to cast from a PC
Roku: can't install VPN directly, has to be on router (will slow down rest of house)
Amazon Fire TV with ethernet adapter (but these aren't available in Amazon Canada, they only work in US)
Amazon Fire Tv stick with ethernet adapter. No youtube and it won't connect up a hard drive
Chinese boxes: none support both Amazon Prime and Netflix in HD. A couple support netflix in HD but don't have ethernet hard connection (wifi only)

I have an iphone but my home is google or Android based so I didn't investigate i-stuff
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