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Streaming audio android vs ios vs chromecast test.


Senior Member
Sep 6, 2018
Okey, made some tests if you are intrested, not scientific by any means so….moderators feel free to delete if needed. Setup: Yamaha hs8 active monitors, android phone oneplus 8, ipad air 2, chromecast audio. Dac: smsl su 8 v2.

Usb from android phone (usb audio player pro) vs usb from ipad to dac , both streaming hi res qobuz :

Ipad setup is better, feels more relaxed, more air between instrument, maybe phone don’t push enough usb power ( I didnt use any kind of usb dock with phone, went straight to dac. In ipad i had camera kit which has charger input)

Ipad qobuz with chromecast audio ( wifi thru air) : worse than usb , but not much. Absolutely usable, maybe little less focus and thump in bass area. I like this more than usb with android phone, more air, phone have more focus, and bass is more controlled, still inmy mind chromecast wins overall ( btw. chromecast is connected via toslink to su 8 so different input might affect the result, but it is what it is)

Winner is ipad with usb. I think it was even better when I downloaded song from qobuz to ipad and put wifi off. So it streamed straight from ipads harddrive, not from internet. Maybe little bit more controlled bass and overall focus and depth. I might be wrong though. What you think?
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