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Streamer+DAC+Amp suggestions


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Mar 27, 2021
At the moment i have Denon DRA800H receiver.
I would like to replace this all-in-one unit with Streamer, DAC and Amplifier.
I was thinking Raspberry Pi with touch screen + DAC + Topping PA5 amplifier.
Must have functions:
touch screen (7'' or 10'')
remote control
(Raspberry Pi+Moode remote control?)
turntable line in or phono
wi-fi, bluetooth (aptx, ldac)
fm/dab if possible (with RTL SDR usb card)

What combination would you recommend?
Streamer: Raspberry Pi with Moode audio (seems to have EQ).
Amplifier - i had Topping PA5 which is good. The only problem is with unbalanced inputs from turntable, and i'd like to avoid phono preamp.
SMSL AO200 is out of consideration.
DAC, Topping EX5 (seems to have all inputs/outputs except line-in input).
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