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Stereophile and Audio Cables

You need to polish the aluminium first otherwise the sound will not be smooth , but a bit rough and grey :)
what cables from aliexpress real needs attention? does they real 7N occ as shows many describtion or just fakes? ivipQ,Cema,Hakugei real product sells ?
According to my experience, different cables sound differently. I would like to try different cables and pick up those make my system sound better. The right cables do not have to be expensive. But most of my cables are not cheap.

This is an opinion - it was properly qualified, so at least we have that. "According to my experience". Good ! Next step, research on why the experience contradicts known scientific principles... you are on your way! :D
I ask my wife and daughter to listen to verify my feelings. They are not audiophiles and don’t know what changed cause the difference in sound.

Or in this case, argument from familial authority! :D or maybe disinterested authority? It is often repeated in audiophile environments. Normally, the person claims the disinterested in audio party hears differences therefore it is argued that the difference is real. Still a logical fallacy
I found it interesting that Stereophile recently published a short review of some audio cables - written by Herb Reichert.

Cable reviews at one point became very rare at Stereophile and I've long wondered why. First of all cables were never accompanied by measurements as there were for DACs, Amps, Phono Stages, Speakers. When I put that together with the general lack of cable reviews in the magazine, my suspicion was that John Atkinson generally didn't think that measuring cables was worthwhile, and that cable reviews weren't really something they wanted to concentrate on.

So it was interesting to see a cable review pop up, and also see the response in the comment section. Archimago brought his skeptical take, but also JA gave a detailed reply suggesting that there were a number of at least technically plausible ways cables could sound different.

I'm just not knowledgeable enough to vet all the claims, and I consider myself a cable skeptic (unless more evidence arises justifying some of the high end audio claims).
But I did appreciate a reply from JA that doesn't mirror the classic subjectivist/golden ear response of "if you can't hear it, you are deaf or you need a more resolving system."
Right or wrong in the claims, JA had the right approach to the challenging Archimago's post, IMO.

My point is not to simply dangling this cable review as read meat for ASR (though of course the claims will be critiqued). Part of this post is meant as some appreciation for JA, and also just musing on the magazine's relationship to reviewing cables (and why). I still enjoy Stereophile, I enjoy Herb's reviews (speakers mostly), and I have huge respect for JA (and I think he's a valuable member here too) even if I don't agree fully with him on everything.
How to steal money from audiophiles? Simple sell them cables!
At some point we have to admit it's not only user-error falling into traps.

See the wording Purifi uses for example:

View attachment 371703


Now get in the shoes of the average non-technical user and tell me what news will spread reading this.
If the impedance is really that low, then it's vastly better than could ever be needed in a home audio setup. If that is a "comes with" on a piece of reasonably priced equipment acquired, then no problem. If extra had to be paid to get that, then no. Why order a drop forge when all you need is a tack hammer?
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