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Stereo Amp Help (Anthem MCA 225 Gen 2 vs Audiophonics HPA-S400ET)


Oct 12, 2022
Wisconsin, USA
I'm putting this in the newbie forum in case it's not appropriate for the main amps subforum. If it is though, can a mod please move it?

Right now my fronts Revel F206 are being powered by the AVR Anthem MRX740 8K which has 140 W/ch. I'm wondering if I should get a separate stereo amp for the fronts in order to give them the power that their specs say they can handle (note, there is a whole 7.1 setup of speakers here). I have my eyes on two amps right now:

Anthem MCA 225 Gen 2 (class AB, 225 W/ch at 8 ohms, MSRP $2300)
Audiophonics HPA-S400ET (class D, 227 W/ch at 8 ohms, MSRP $1444)

The Audiophonics is obviously way cheaper but has reviewed very well (by Amir also). The Anthem amp is a match for my AVR and has good reviews as far as I know.

Do I even need this extra power amp? I'm in a medium sized room (maybe 25'x15') sitting about 8 feet away and typically listen between -30db and -40db volume levels.
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