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Spotify Streaming: Chrome Cast Audio > Volumio > Wiim Mini streamer; My experience


Jul 23, 2022
I have CCA and chromecast, volumio and wiim mini. PI I’ve tried usb out, optical out hat, volumio, mpd + mini DLNA, bubbleupnp, audirana, LMS, ROON. I can’t agree entirely with your assessments though.

First of all CCA is crap both rca or optical out. When deliver hi res not only android capped bandwidth it also crashes a lot. One way to use best potential of CCA is to run a bubbleupnp which “transcode” before feeding into CCA makes CCA cpu workless then high quality audio is deliverable but still it will cap you at 96khz

Roon is the best if you want to pay high price for it. Same goes to streamer like bluesound.

As from LMS to be free push up upnp sounded great! Only problem is LMS transcoding would be stutter on very huge file size such as DSD or DSF files. Simply upnp will passthrough raw data but renderer would depend on both software and hardware that’s running to decode it. For example! Wiim mini streaming upnp with dsd will either be ended up no sound or it couldn’t decode real time (wiim has both hardware and software issue to decode).

And as for LMS and Volumio both works great only they will once a while update software will kill your vibe. LMS will suddenly lost all upnp connection and player list doesn’t align and won’t playback correctly. Volumio when I upgraded to 3.0 is either Pandora plug-in went missing or the Spotify plugin suddenly refuse to work. The update of those software tend to be not very stable and forums of them don’t help much either.

Here comes to ROON Vs audiravna. Both are great and excellent sound quality. Only roon is expensive on tax and requires a full running computer to do indexing tasks. Auduoravna fall short on the device switching and multi room switching. It will hold on playback one device and can’t switch to another renderer and UI is less likely to be any ideal from user perspectives.

Here comes down to wiim mini. From my experiences this IS the only streamer hardware there cheaper than any amazon devices and bluesound node and allows amazon UHD to be stream at true bits. Although the downside is upnp can’t render proper dsd playback. The solution is to take offload from the cpu by having a DLNA server that transcode into wave before sending to wiim mini then it will play perfectly.

As sound quality I rated optical out to nice dac gives almost identical sound quality to roon and audiravna and it’s a bit more clear than volumio. That’s my opinion
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