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Speakers for big room 500 sq. ft. Approx. $2500


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Aug 13, 2020
I am thinking about getting a good pair of floor standing speakers for my listening room. I've got 4 Polk Rci85 speakers in the walls. I've also got a stereo setup and can run a pair of Polk TSx550t, 1970 Klipsch HBRs, 1970s Sansui SP2000s, some JBL es30, and other stuff. I've got a bunch of vintage amps, a tube amp, some BPC amps including an HK3770 which is fine for power and transparency for now.

Room is 19.5*28 with vaulted ceiling 8 ft at edge and 12 in center. Tongue and groove pine over plywood ceiling, carpet over cork over luan over concrete floor, insulated 2x6 walls with ship lap on 2 and drywall on 2, but lots of (6 big) windows. There are a couple couches, a cabinet for electronics on one short wall, and I can put speakers and furniture however I want within reason. I usually sit on the couch centered about 18ft from speakers.

I would like to try some efficient and transparent floor standing speakers that are better than the Polk. I have some subs I can run if I want, but not needing subs might be an advantage. I'd like to keep it under $2500. I like what I see on Focal, Revel, and Elac, especially the Focal Aria 926 I can get for $2300 a pair right now. Would those be good in this room? Maybe I should wait a few months until my budget spreadsheet says I can spend $5k. Thoughts?

I am not totally ready to buy right now, but I am curious if something like the 926, Focal Chora 826, Revel Performa3 F206 is good or a room like this, or if I should get something with more cone surface area like the Aria 948 or Performa3 F208. I bet ELAC DFR52 is nice in a much smaller room too, but I like the $1200 price on those.

I also wonder if a bigger DFR62 or Chora 848 is coming in the next year as I would probably spring for something like that.

Back on topic, do you think a speaker like the Focal Aria 926 has the right properties for a room like mine?
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