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Speaker recommendation for vocal and instrument accuracy for low volume listening


Mar 19, 2022

I'm trying to identify what set of bookshelf speakers is best given my personal taste for audio, which is as follows:

deep, but soft low end. A low end that goes down to the 30s but is not thumping. I want to hear low end audio to very low frequencies but I don't want it to dominate whatever I'm listening to. (requiring a subwoofer with these characteristics is fine)

emphasis on accuracy for vocals, string instruments, piano, and other non-percussive instruments. And in general, I prefer these frequencies to be most prominent.

sound great at low volume. I never play my music above the volume of normal conversation.

My budget is less than $300 so just looking for whatever is closest to my ideal in that admittedly limiting price range.

I've done a lot of research but having a hard time mapping how reviewers describe audio characteristics to what I'm imagining. However, my best interpretations of what I'm reading have led me to this list

Jbl a130

Pioneer sp bs22 lr

Kef q150 ($300 on Amazon the most expensive model I'm considering)

Sony sscs5

Dayton audio b652

Jamo s803

Also curious which brands, if any, tend to design speakers with these characteristics.


(also, yeah, I know my taste in audio is weird)


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Apr 22, 2021
I looked at Amir's and Erin's tests of those speakers. The Pioneer looks to be very good for the price. All of the smaller inexpensive speakers will need a small sub to go with them. Since you do not have to go below 35hz with any real authority, a lot of inexpensive subs will take care of you. For an example of subs an SVS 1000 would meet all your needs with a lot of power to spare and that is their least expensive model. Just to give you and idea. Good Luck and let us know what you end up doing!
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