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Sound from speakers fade when using microphone


New Member
Jul 27, 2022
I'm new here. I'm wondering if someone can help me with my sound system.
I made a karaoke setup at home using also my Home Theater. All connections are OK, but the audio music from speakers start fading every time I start singing a song. This happen only with the music from speakers. If I stop singing, after few seconds, the audio music start raising up again.. so there is no stable volume. Here are my connections:
The Samsung TV Q70R65 is connected to the Home theater via ARC Cable to the Monitor2 port on the Denon AVR-X2500H Audio from TV is connected via optical cable to a Prozor DAC Converter, the output RCA cables from DAC are connected to the channel 3/4 of a Pyle PMXU43BT 4 Channel mixer. Microphones are connected from the MIX output port on the TONOR wireless receiver to channel 1 of the mixer via 6.35mm mono cable. The Main Output of the mixer connects to CD port (RCA), located on the back panel of the Denon receiver. The source on the receiver is assigned to CD. So all is good, i have sound and signal from mic receiver to the Pyle Mixer. Audio come from TV to mixer and pass to the Denon.. The levels of micrphones and Audio from TV are at 50%, Gain for both microphones and TV are also 50%. Main volume slider on mixer is about 35% but the audio that comes from TV is very low even at 50% and have to raise up the knob on the Denon receiver to 65-70%. By keeping this level and coming back to normal TV, the sound is extremely high that practically blown my ears.

Four years ago I had a Behringer Q802 mixer with other Samsung Smart TV with similar connections all via RCA cables and never had this issue.
Please any clue on this?

Thank you.
David B.
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