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Sony Bar 9 (Soundbar) - Discussion


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May 29, 2021
I know soundbars are typically the topic of ridicule among audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts, but every time a company comes out w/ a really cool design I do get pretty excited about the technology involved in the making of them and they really do get better all the the time. I think theres a lot of tech to discuss in modern soundbar design from the DSP to the transmission and even driver implementation. A lot of people also don't realize that Sony uses much of the same room correction technology that they use for their AVRs in their soundbars. I've yet to hear a pair but allegedly Sony's 360 spatial mapping software does a really good job bouncing sounds from ceilings to create overhead Atmos effects. Just wanted to start a discussion on it since I dont see much talk about soundbars on ASR and Since Sony just revamped their entire TV line along w/ their soundbar systems.

Zooming in this is what I was most excited to see. Sony is doing something really clever w/ the tweeters to project a wider radiating effect it almost looks like a horn w/ lens that has various size holes to control radiation. Kinda reminds me of some blend of what Tom Danley does and Grimani does for their speakers

Apparently Sony has been using this tech since the last generation of soundbars, but they don't really seem to market it much which I think is a shame. Feel free to discuss!
Definitely exciting tech!

Though measurements have been pretty hit or miss:

For now, Samsung (Harman) seems to be a better choice:

I do think its interesting when it comes to testing response for soundbars, since its going to be far from perfect, though this year Sony's flagship does have more drivers now 13 to compete w/ Samsung's flagship bars yet somehow they also got smaller.

Harman def has a grip on this market esp w/ their JBL line as well, but theres def still tons of room for improvements in the soundbar space. Id love to see a more defined audiophile soundbar product on the market, would also love to see how the Nakamichi Dragon measures as well. I also wish we had a DSP kit from like MiniDSP or something that has DIRAC for soundbars or something of the sort so we can build our own soundbar products w/ Room EQ functions.
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