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*SOLD* WTS - Like New Monolith 7x200 Watts Per Channel Multi-Channel Amp - $1499 shipped & insured


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Apr 27, 2022
Monolith by Monoprice 7x200 Watts Per Channel Multi-Channel Home Theater Power Amplifier with XLR Inputs - $1599 $1499 shipped & insured

I bought as a factory second. It's in mint condition, connected to confirm functionality, but never really used as my basement was being remodeled. I'm selling because I ended up going with 11.2.4 Atmos and needed to go with class D amps.

It sounds AMAZING. I have the factory box. Currently retails for $1849 + tax.

Includes amp, power cable, and factory box.

I'm new here but am Patrioptics on eBay with many, many high-dollar deals. PayPal friends and family, Zelle or Venmo only due to 1099 rules. I am happy to do a video call and any other verification needed. Thank you.

Link to eBay profile
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How many posts must one have to sell here?
30 posts, 3 months, or donor status.
Ah, I thought it was related to the post count. Thanks.

To be honest, I made the same mistake and deleted the man's post before I caught my own mistake.
Is your Monoprice 7×200watt amp still available? Can you send me pics please and what are your payment options? Not making a decision just yet. Thanks
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