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SOLD!!!:miniDSP SHD Studio, original owner, mint cond, all current updates, $750 + shipping:SOLD!!!


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Sep 16, 2019
Palo Alto CA
Original owner, mint condition, well cared for in a smoke free home, stored for the past six months. Original packaging, UMIK-1 calibrated measurement mic, two tripods (desktop and extendable), remote control, wifi dongle, external power supply and half-rack mounting plates. All current SW and FW updates installed and Roon enabled. It's been completely reliable, no service or repair history.

For pickup in Menlo Park CA or can ship at buyer's additional expense from zip code 94025 in a box weighing 8 lbs that measures 14.5x13.6.5 inches. If you email me a prepaid shipping label, I will take the package to my local UPS, Fedex or USPS. For international shipment, I can provide you with additional information for the customs form.

Thank you.

SHD USB input.jpgSHD back panel.jpgSHD accessories.jpgSHD plugin outputs.pngSHD plugin routingg.pngVolumio Roon Bridge.pngVolumio version.png
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