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SOLD!!!: MiniDSP 2X4HD + MiniDSP UMIK-2 Combo: SOLD!!!


Jun 24, 2021
Hello. I have for your consideration an extra barely used UMIK-2 complete in box. I used it about 3 times to EQ my subs, and see in room response of my speakers. I purchased it directly from MiniDSP. Along with it, I also have an extra 2x4HD. I'm asking for $375 shipped via FEDEX for the combo. Both have the latest firmware already installed. Calibration files can be downloaded directly from the MiniDSP website.

This UMIK specs are even better than the UMIK-1, and is supported in exactly the same, but not limited to, DIRAC, REW, ETC...

You will get;
UMIK-2 with all accessories in retail packaging
MiniDSP 2x4HD Unit (you will need a USB cable, and a power adapter)

I can deliver it, or meet up within reasonable distance in NJ/PA etc.

I am a US Marine, and an honest seller with many online references. I’m an established seller here, eBay, US Audiomart, Audiogon, and various other forums. I can provide those upon request. Thank you for your consideration.


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