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SOLD JDS Labs El Amp and El DAC combo for sale


New Member
Jan 18, 2020
Hello All,

I'm selling a JDS Labs stack, the El Amp (which goes to 11) and El Dac. Good working condition. The El Dac has some small scratches near the printing which you should be able to see in the pictures. Wall wart power supplies included.

$250 for the 2 includes shipping and paypal fees. Discount for local Twin Cities MN pickup.

EA56C6B4-2F37-4F93-A2B1-AC49CB645B33.jpeg F8D1016F-F723-43A1-8B98-27F1678B7528.jpeg 30648524-F511-48BE-B817-782F77BCE8D4.jpeg 210B1318-8EED-4983-92C3-2A03DB78FA58.jpeg 34931A52-BE93-4D6A-BEF0-D0E871C6E307.jpeg 781816DD-B265-4955-B9BB-CCE8306F8AF8.jpeg 91BDDFA4-0AB4-43CC-B5A8-A4D588A398C0.jpeg C6A28F70-BF3B-4D86-947E-B27C1B6C88E0.jpeg E214EF0F-2618-41E0-90B9-4784720F59CA.jpeg 4E2EEC71-8B20-4655-B36C-CF3BF7DA9475.jpeg 6E2B8A15-DC17-4241-866F-BC8651D3053D.jpeg
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