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SOLD!!!: Hifiman HE6SE V1 with extras:SOLD!!!

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Mar 12, 2020
Cross posting my sale. I also have ebay feedback of 350+ 100% positive. Purchase with confidence.

Selling my excellent condition Hifiman He6se v1 bought from Adorama myself late 2019. I did not put many hours on this headphone: most of the time it's been sitting on my shelf covered in a bag to prevent dust. I've worn these perhaps 20-30 hours in the last 2 years - very low hours.

I consider these the best value in headphones if you have the proper amplification for them.

Does NOT come with the stand. Comes in original packaging with:
  • stock cable
  • stock 1/4" to xlr adapter cable
  • aftermarket Periapt XLR cable
  • 3d printed grills (not honeycomb but different design) and stock grills
  • extra pad rings (x2) and a bunch of pads in different conditions (some pads except brand new velour has few small holes in ear side mesh due to pad swap procedure, does not affect anything):
  • focus pad-a (worn once or twice to test sound)
  • he400 velour pad (worn once to test sound)
  • old style velour donut pads (1 brand new pair, 1 used pair)
  • stock pali pad (glue/pleather starting to come undone in one spot due to pad swapping, not due to use/wear&tear. Has the most hours)
$650 Paypal and shipping included to CONUS.
Local pickup in Los Angeles area ask me for cheaper price.

Not open for further replies.
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