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SOLD: Chord Mojo+Poly (With 2 Cases)


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Apr 12, 2019
Coventry, UK
I have decided to sell my Mojo-Poly combo as it's not getting much use nowadays. Poly is up to date with the firmware side of things. Mojo's battery has been replaced recently so you get the most out of both. They are in mint condition as I have never left them outside the case. I have brand new case (RRP £80) which I shall include at no extra cost. Given that there has been a recent price drop for Mojo I adjusted my asking price quite reasonably. Ideally I would like to sell this as a combo.


Price: £575 Shipped RMSD
Payment Method: Bank Transfer or Paypal+Fees

I do have very good feedback across all the forums and auction sites that I am involved with, you could search by the same user name.

Ven Vedam
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