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SOLD: Buchardt A500 + Platin Hub + Remote Excellent condtion SOLD


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May 28, 2020
I am selling my pair of white Buchardt Audio A500 active speakers with the platin hub and corresponding remote. I assume if you are looking at this ad there is no need for me to espouse on their outstanding flexibility, measurements, capabilities or sound. If I am wrong, please ask away.

As the original owner, I purchased new (pre-ordered November 2020, received April 2021) The have very low hours of use as I purchased a pair of Dutch 8c which replaced them. Ever since then, the Buchardts have been boxed up and sitting in a closet since receiving the Dutch 8cs in June 2021. They are in excellent condition, and have no blemishes or cabinet flaws.

They can be picked up in 28374 zip code or I would be willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet up and transfer ownership. I have all original boxes and packing materials which I can use to ship at buyers expense and at a discounted UPS shipping rate using my corporate account. All materials are well-padded and (double-) boxed into a single is 24in x 20in x 22in package. Fully-packaged weight is just under 60 lbs.

I have a second platin hub and associated remote ($300 value) that i would be willing to throw in for free if sold at my asking price of $2890
Buyer to cover pp fees if using the service


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