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So, with streaming now the way many humans get audio…


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Mar 12, 2021
Is there a way to test various services now that Amazon, Deezer, Quobuz, and soon Apple and eventually Spotify, will be streaming lossless audio?
When I A/B compared Amazon HD to Deezer, I could detect no difference at all. I suspect Apple and Qobuz will be same if an A/D/A/Q comparison were done.
At the same time, there are internet radio stations that stream FLAC. Like https://jazzgroove.org/ for subscribers (donors). I don't know what they do with the recordings at The Jazz Groove (all volunteer runs) when going to FLAC but, they always sound really really great. Well, the well engineered recording versions. Usually played weeknights in evening US EST.
Can amirm test these and TJG, for instance? Free trials should enable a coordinated test scheme. Wait for Apple though later in June. Oh, you will likely need iOS or macOS for it though. A refurbished iPhone XR or newer can be had cheap enough for this purpose. Just need the lightning to USB adapter and use Wi-Fi.
Same possible with used but not too old Mac Mini or iMac. No adaptor needed.
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