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SMSL M500 screen removal PLEASE HELP!

Jan 17, 2021
Good day to you all. I am in trouble. I heard a rattling sound inside the DAC and decided to disassemble it, not knowing there are 2 ribbon cables attached to the screen. Those have been pulled out and now I cannot figure out a way to pull the screen out to insert them back in. Any advice would be much appreciated.
Thank you kindly.


May 22, 2020
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Hi. Tearing this unit apart is not an easy task. The unit we purchased was an extremely tight fit on the PCBs. Took a great deal of pull strength to yank out the stacked PCBs.

If you are still stuck on the disassembly or re-assembly of the product - share lots of pictures so we can understand where you are at.

The secret to building this back together is to apply longer flex ribbon cables than those that were supplied by the factory.

Our longer cables just arrived in the past 24 hours from Asia. It is much easier for the factory to use short cables while they were building this widget.

A royal pain, after the disassembly.
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