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Small PC vs streamer


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Nov 5, 2017
One of the more funny things I have read lately, thanks for the laugh though. Then you bring in the DANGER DANGER WILL ROBINSON! Thanks! :)

Don't know about where live but if you call a utility where I live and tell them you have noise on your AC line from yours or neighbors appliances, refrigerator, air conditioners, neaby RF... yada yada yada. After they finish laughing, they will say what do you want us to do buddy?

How is plugging in a filter, or isolation transformer dangerous or illegal??? How is using a linear PS instead a noisy switcher foolhardy. Amir just mentioned in his latest dac tests he will be using a linear supply for his Exasound DAC.

If what you say re utility responsibility is normal in the USA then most western counties are miles ahead of the USA in regulating power system performance. How clean is your air and water?

Your last paragraph is a figment of your imagination. I did not say those things.
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