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Simgot EA500 seems to be popular recently, recalling my EM2R broken down


Apr 20, 2023
Simgot EA500 seems to be popular recently, recalling my EM2R broken. It is time to try a new product. Before that, I will share my experience about EM2R following the previous cable.

Bass, power and thickness are not enough but depth is nice, you can hear the sound with rich layers but overall, it sounds thin. The retracting speed of the instrument is relatively fast, but it is not particularly clean, and a certain amount of reverberation is retained. Due to the fast speed, it does not sound sloppy. This also leads to less sense of living, not very thick and full of diffuse feeling, and the overall is relatively compact and solid. Some instruments will have the problem as if being behind, and the image is slightly blurred.

Mid range. Vocals balanced between male and female, has a distance sense. One hand, a thin male vocal is more suite for this iem in texture. But due to the slightly thinner mid and frequency characteristics, thick vocal sounds too clean and lacks quality. The female vocal performed very well, and all kinds of voice lines are relatively comprehensive. Even the female vocal in some anisongs with poor recording and mixing quality will not feel irritating. The overall sound is in line with the quality performance of this price, well, it is time to have a purchase.
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