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Setup help/suggestions for surrounds and Atmos


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Nov 18, 2021
Hi everyone,

New to HT and wanting some suggestions on what to implement given my room size.
See here for a photo of my room layout:
Note: On the far RHS, across the 90% of the 4.9m length, are curtains.

Note: Still deciding between sub placement (either SW1 or SW2 in photo above) - SW2 seems 'boomier' (and is slightly louder) than SW1 given its corner placement. SW2 placement wouldn't displace the sofa seat that much, just means the person sitting there can't sit too far on the edge of the sofa (as sub is not a footrest). Open to suggestions too, but those are the most ideal based on my sub crawl measurements.

Current set-up:

  • FL/FR: KEF Q750
  • C: KEF Q650c
  • Subwoofer: SvS SB-2000
  • AVR: Yamaha RXV2085
  • Not-in-use: B&W DM604 (old and may sell these if can't put them to use)
I'd like to get a Atmos setup going - as noted I do not have surrounds yet, but was planning to get overheads/Atmos-enabled speakers instead.

  • Are you meant to get surrounds before overheads? Or it doesn't matter?
If I get surrounds, my room is quite limited in space right? I can't put it at 90 degrees on LHS of the MLP as it would get in the way of foot traffic (topple over) to the left of the couch. To the RHS, I can, it would be around at the 60 degree mark from the MLP (perhaps in front of SW1).

  • I can't wall mount it to the sides at ear-height on RHS, because there are curtains on the RHS.
  • I can't wall mount if to the sides at ear-height on LHS, because the closest wall is too far-left from the setup / Atmos sphere.
For surrounds, I was going with KEF Q150 (sticking with KEF due to discounts I can get on the brand).

This is why I was thinking of skipping the side surrounds (?), and going for 4 overheads or Atmos-enabled speakers.

  • If overheads, should I go with wall-mounted/on-ceiling, in-ceiling or up-firing?
    • I was planning to get KEF Q50a's (I'm assuming I could use these in-ceiling)?
    • I don't intend to go up-firing as I've heard that's the worst of the 3 options, however, if you suggest my crappy room layout & geometrics only enables me to do this, I agree and it's better than nothing.
  • If not, any other suggestions?

I'm also open to moving things around, layout wise, if you have any suggestions - albeit TV/TV stand can't be moved, as the stand + speakers can't fit anywhere else in the room.

Also lastly open to any other recommendations/suggestions in general.

Thanks so much for your help!
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