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Seamlessly streaming Qobuz with JRiver MC in Windows 10 - Still some issues

Sep 6, 2020
Although JRiver MC doesn't offer a proper integration of Qobuz (like Roon or Audirvana), it is in theory possible to stream Qobuz
from JRiver via the WDM driver. But this is usually not wihtout any issues: stuttering, pops, delays, etc...
Troubleshooting for common issues could be found here:


The choice of JRiver MC (over Roon for example) for playback is justified by the DSP options available
together with the possibility to use the Dirac Live VST plug-in (DL plug-in could be installed in Audirvana - I have no experience of it).
For multichannel DACs, JRiver is particularily convenient (I own a dac8pro).

Thanks to the above link and the official JRiver forum, I was able to fix most of my issues. But there's still one I'm currently not able to fix.
I'm hopping that someone from ASR encountered the same issue.

My settings are as follows:

Qobuz app (Windows 10 pro 64 bits) with output JRiver MC with Wasapi Exclusive > JRiver 27.0.85 with ouput my DAC (dac8pro)
with ASIO drivers (DIYINHK USB Audio driver v4.67).

Here is the issue. Suppose that I want to play a song from Qobuz with sample rate 96kHz while the previous song played from Qobuz had a different sample rate.
Then it takes about 6 seconds for my DAC to adapt to the change of sample rate, i.e. it takes 6 seconds to display the new rate on the DAC screen and start
playing the song. It wouldn't be a problem in itself if it was just a lag. But the beginning of the song that is played is missing (about 6 seconds).

I still have the same issue:

- if instead of using Wasapi Exclusive between Qobuz and JRiver I use Wasapi or Directsound
- if instead of using the ASIO driver between JRiver and the DAC I use Wasapi or Directsound

There is no issue if the sample rate is unchanged and the number of bits changes (for instance from 24 to 16 bits or vice versa).
I thought it was a buffering issue. I tried everything: 0 second in Qobuz and the minimum in JRiver (2 seconds). No changes.
I tried plenty of other things. Unsuccessful.

Has anybody encountered a similar issue with his/her DAC?
(I'm hopping this is not specific to the dac8pro)


There was an issue I fixed this weekend that some of you may have encountered.

Qobuz app with output JRiver MC with Wasapi Exclusive was systematically stuttering for me. Using Wasapi or Directsound instead was fine, but my DAC (dac8pro) wasn't able to display the
sample rate from Qobuz. The sample rate displayed was always the same regardless of the sample rate output by Qobuz.

Fiddling around with Windows 10 settings, I found that the only way to have Wasapi Exclusive to work is to choose, in the sound control panel of Windows,
default format 192kHz 24 bits for JRiver MC listed as one of the playback devices [If the default format chosen is 96kHz 24 bit, stuttering remains even when playing 44kHz/48kHz/96kHz].
Further, my DAC is now able to display the 'correct' sample rate output by Qobuz.

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