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Rules for Audio Dealers, Manufacturers, Members with Commercial Interest. This includes any Guest Contributors/Reviewer with Commercial endorsement

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We have been operating without specific guidelines for members of the industry and this has caused a number of issues/complaints. So I thought it is time that we set some rules:

Audio Science Review Rules for Dealers, Manufacturers, Reviewers and Members of Industry.
  • We encourage participation from members of industry in the forum. So please do not feel unwelcome here.

  • We expect you to post with highest levels of professionalism. You are representing an industry and it is important that this be done with utmost politeness and respect for the membership. Be especially careful when you post about your competitors.

  • The above is subject to proper participation in the forum, not just to come and sell things. If you have nothing to contribute otherwise, please do NOT post for-sale items. They will be deleted, and your membership may be terminated.

  • Please start a conversation with @amirm to get a Dealer/Manufacturer/Industry/Reviewer tag before posting.

  • Any for sale item needs to be posted in the Desperate Dealers forum: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?forums/desperate-dealers-forum.37/

    Please add value to such announcement and make them informal if you can. Just posting specs will make it look like an advertisement and have negative impact.

  • Please have a signature identifying the name of your business. You can have a single link to your business but that is it. This link must not lead directly to any form of Advertising or Commercial Sponsorship related links. Same applies to any posts in the forum.
For the general membership, if you see violations of these rules, please report the post and we will take action.
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