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REW newbie help - New 3 way active build - Hypex Fa253


New Member
Jun 19, 2022
Hi All,

Recently delved deep into some DIY speaker design.
I have made a set of large high end 3 ways, with Hypex Fa253 amps.

I've based the drivers and rough crossover points from someone elses build and i'm at the point where the speakers are assembled and i'm trying
to get things fine tuned.

I've taken a few measurements in rew in the past so i know some basics, but i'm not sure what I need to do for time alignment of the drivers.

I've got a Umik-1 which i realise isn't ideal for time alignment, so i got a UMC202HD & EMM-6 mic.

I'm really stuck on how i setup the UMC202HD, EMM-6 and rew so that it's using a timing reference and how to wire things to achieve that.
I'm using an XLR mic input for the EMM-6 and one of the audio outs to go to the Hypex Amp.
Do i need to make up a cable to go from the 2nd output to the other mic input?

If someone could give me some guidance that would be great. I'm a bit lost!

Thanks heaps in advance
I am about to do the same myself and have the same question. There should be some videos on youtube guiding through this
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