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Review of the Topping D30/A30

Jun 30, 2018
It sounds extremely clear and I do not think there is anything else to say about the sound. I hear no reason to keep the more expensive JDS Labs Element, so I am certainly happy with it. It is compact and looks nice. There are some excellent specifications and some measurements on Topping’s web site, although the terrible English and the marketing nonsense are not encouraging. They should hire someone who speaks English.


Audiophiles who claim that cheap audibly transparent DAC/amps sound bad are idiots because they sound amazing. I have also been personally attacked by insane people who claim that $100 is too much to spend on an excellent DAC or amp. Many people spend thousands on badly designed audio equipment, so this is nothing. So far I have owned three transparent DAC/amps which sounded the same. Before that I owned some worse ones which had audible problems. The choice is obvious. Use an audibly transparent DAC/amp.
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