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Review of the Pink Floyd's album Animals between Vinyl, CD, Bluray, SACD from 1977 to 2022 in stereo and 5.1


May 31, 2022

The release of the box containing the vinyl, CD, Bluray and DVD versions is the opportunity of Animals between the 16 versions : Vinyl (1977, Japan 1977, 2016, 2022), CD (1991, from SACD layer, 2022) , Bluray stereo 24/192 (1977 and 2018) and 5.1, SACD (stereo and 5.1), Qobuz Hi-Res (2011, 2018), Tidal (2011, 2018).

Pink Floyd - Animals small.jpg

The remixed version of 2018 brings more precision and balance, with in addition a 5.1 version very successful, Pink Floyd mastered multichannel since the 70s.

This comparison is also the occasion to compare the PCM versions in 24 bits 192 kHz and the SACD, the graph below shows the limits of the SACD in DSD64 with the rise of noise above 30 kHz (red arrow). This does not take away the listening quality of SACD, but today DSD256 pushes the noise higher in frequency. The PCM version shows well the spurious frequency peaks present on the recording.
Pink Floyd - Animals - Spectrum - SACD 2018 (white) vs BD 2.0 2018 (blue) -- small.jpg

SACD (white) vs Bluray (blue)

The pressing quality of 2022 vinyl is not always perfect, but often a wash will solve the problem. However, we find a significant variation of the levels of the top of the spectrum (above 15 kHz) due to an equalization or to the burning head (red zone). This is a characteristic that can also be found on the 2016 version which was also mastered by Bernie Grundman. This can give a slightly brighter character to the listening, but depends on your RIAA cell and preamp used, and on the linearity of the set.
Pink Floyd - Animals - Spectrum - Vinyl 2018 (white) vs BD 2.0 2018 (blue)--small.jpg

Vinyl 2018 (white) vs bluray (blue)

Pink Floyd - Animals - Spectrum - Vinyl 2016 (white) vs Vinyl  1977 (blue) -- small.jpg

Vinyl 2016 (white) vs vinyl 1977 (blue)

You will find the samples to listen to and more information including all measurements (DR, Spectrum, waveform, detailed waveform...) on https://magicvinyldigital.net/2022/...qobuz-tidal-original-remixed-2018-stereo-5-1/


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Jul 11, 2021
Thank you! Interesting to see vinyl version tracks digital very well given all sorts of variations that can affect analog playback.
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