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Review of the Michael Jackson's album Thriller between 21 versions including Vinyls, CDs, cassettes, SACD, Streaming, MOFI releases, 360RA


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Dec 10, 2019
James Island, SC
Silly question. How do you find music that you want to buy?
Many ways: It looks like some others have answered some of this, so I am just adding some more:
There is a rather successful music store within 2 miles of the home that I have my main system in. They have a "1st Saturday of the month" sale most months, sometimes it is combined with other events that may not necessarily fall on the first Saturday of the month
At any rate anytime that you go there they have music being plaid either on a TT or CDP.
I am in there usually for a couple of hours, a couple times a week.
My AM/FM NAD 4300 tuner ([AM is a moot point] the FM {modified for both audio quality & DXing range}) that picks up good to great signals in a 75 mile radius from my 1/2 wave vertical omni directional antenna mounted on my chimney. Admittedly many stations these days do not broadcast using the best possible signal but many do.
I am not recording it anyway.
My neighbors across the street have a swimming pool & they have music on when I go there 2 or 3 times a week.
Also, I have very good FM in my car (it's a Mark Levinson by harman/kardon Audio Systems systems) with a better than original antenna. But, if I am within a 30 mile radius, I don't usually bring any CD's with me, even though the Mark Levinson CD carousel holds 5 CD's. If I am going further than that, I'll bring a CD case with my favorite driving music CD's in it.
I also go to a lot of live music events.
So, FM radio, friends, listening to live music &going to the music store is how I find the latest music that I might like enough to purchase.
With newly released music there is not usually a selection of which mix that you would like best. There may not even be a selection of formats.
Some stuff gets released on, of all things, cassette only. But that's OK, I have 2 higher end cassette decks and I can use my CDR to make it into a CD, should I want to.
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