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Review of the Jean-Michel Jarre album Oxygen between 15 versions : Vinyls (Original, MOFI, Japan...), CDs, Streaming, DVD, 40th anniversary release.


May 31, 2022

Today I present you the comparison of the album Oxygen between 15 versions including 5 vinyls (Original, MOFI, Japan, Blue, Trilogy) , 3 CDs (Original, remastered, Trilogy), a cassette, a stereo and 5.1 DVD and 4 streaming versions. We find in these versions the very nice box of the 40th anniversary of Oxygen.

Oxygene - small.jpg

What is interesting is that each album brings its surprises.
The original version of the album has been remastered for streaming compared to the CD edition.
Therefore, in streaming, the remastered version for the 40th anniversary (DR9) is less compressed in dynamics than the original version (DR6)!
This is the opposite of what we find on the CD support, with the original version (DR12) which is the less compressed in dynamics than the remastered version for the 40th anniversary (DR9).

Comparaison Original -  trilogie et Qobuz with text2small.jpg

If you want a quality original version in digital, you must choose the CD

In this review, we can also see the impact of the equalizations made in mastering on the sound image. For this album, the strong corrections reduce the perception of depth when listening.

A small wink to the DVD version Oxygene 3D (Live In Your Living Room) which proposes a stereo track and also in 5.1, and with a 3D version of the video to be viewed with 2 pairs of anaglyph glasses included with the DVD!

Oxygen dvd5small.jpg

To get an idea of the impact when listening, you can listen to the samples , and find all the measurements (DR, Spectrum, waveform...) here.


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Jan 27, 2020
Suffolk Coastal, UK
The original Polydor UK CD issue sounded rather 'dirty' at the time shortly after CD players became available and I remember comparing it to the Disque Drefus CD issue which came a very few years later, which was so much better it was almost as if it had been remixed (maybe it had...). A tragedy that 'they' feel the need to crush the dynamics and subtlety out of this recording as it always sounded best listened to gently in a chilled vibe...

JMJ is a well established international music 'star' now, so surely he'd have *some* control by now over his releases?
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