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Review and Measurements of EMO EN-60KDS Ethernet Isolator



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Feb 13, 2016
Seattle Area
If I understand you correctly, these things are obviously pointless as sound quality "tweaks," just like most or all just things. But, it might provide some margin of protection for gear in highly networked homes. For example if installed before the POE injectors for outdoor cameras. Is that right?
I have a heavily networked home including POE and there are no issues in my installation as the first set of tests show. So no, it is not for that need.

It only electrically does something if you have AC mains wiring running right next to it in your home. That is not supposed to be done but if so, you may have some mains induced on the ethernet cable that makes it into the system. It is not an audible concern (or else you would hear the hum) but from electrical hygiene point of view, you could get rid of it this way.

There is also some secondary benefit in clipping low energy surges.
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