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Revel C263 vs Revel C363 In Ceiling Speakers and 5.2 vs 5.2.2


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Mar 25, 2021
I have a 5.2 setup. My current speakers are Focal Aria 926 L/R, Aria 900cc Center, SVS SB 3000 x2 subs, and Acoustic Audio CSic82 Cinema Series In Ceiling 2-Way Speakers x 2 for surrounds. I'm contemplating replacing the generic surround sound speakers with either the Revel C263 or Revel C363. As far as I can see the only difference is the 363 has a ceramic woofer cone instead of an aluminium one. I use this system for movies, music (including Apple Atmos Music), and games.

1. Does anyone have experience with these two in-ceiling speakers? Would the 363 be worth the extra $80? Neither model have spinoramas, but I'm assuming a Harmon/Revel product would be well engineered.

2. Due to family/room logistics I cannot have side channels or ear level surrounds. Would adding two height ceiling speakers between the listener and the fronts be worth the cost and effort of running extra cabling through the walls/ceiling and getting two additional ceiling speakers to make a 5.2.2 system?

Thank you for your insight.
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