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Research HT DAC while waiting on 2x boXem Arthur 4215/E2 amps


Sep 27, 2021
The Netherlands
While waiting on two boXem Arthurs I am researching the next step in my audio upgrade project. Getting multi channel audio from my PC to my speakers with room correction. Currently on a Denon X4300H which is sitting between my PC and my TV. The Arthurs will take over the amplification and the Denon will be responsible for the pre-amping of the signal from my PC. The next step is to replace the Denon with a high quality DAC. For this I have three requirements:
  • A measured high quality DAC of course.
  • At least 4 channels.
  • Room correction.
On my list was an Okto Dac8 Pro and Dirac Live on my PC. Unfortunately the Okto Dac8 Pro is not availble anywhere. On to the miniDSP SHD. It has Dirac Live and 4 outputs... unfortunately it can only process a stereo signal on the input. I asked miniDSP if they have any solution for multi channel DAC and they replied they didn't have it.
My questions for now are:
Can you do room correction on your Windows PC that will work on all audio going out through USB?
Does anyone know of a multi channel DAC that would accept 4 or more channels over USB?
Is there a way to have two stereo DACs connected to a PC and the PC thinking it has a 4 channel sound device? If I connect two DAC's over USB I am not sure if I can convince Windows to combine the two USB ports to one. Or can you daisy chain 2 dac's over USB?
There are also devices called Audio Interfaces such as the Motu Ultralite-mk5. Maybe aimed more at the professional market, maybe they can do a fine job at serving as a normal DAC?

Quite a puzzle... :)
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