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Rega IO Review (stereo amplifier)

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Jul 8, 2021
I did get a Rega from a popular online shop in the USA that I have purchased a lot of stuff from over the years. I did not get the hype. I sent it back.

To be honest, I think the differences between competently designed electronics are not huge these days. But I do however think there are now new designs that simply seem to be more flexible, provide a more balanced presentation at different volume levels etc.

I also think there is a lot of hype with some British brands that I don't quite share. Naim is another one, IMO. I don't get the raves. To me it's sonically indistinguishable from stuff that offer similar functionality but is priced lower and doesn't have some of the design quirks I have no use for (big dials on top of the chassis for example). Chord is another company that designs unnecessarily quirky stuff. WhatHifi do their best to pimp every British product as much as they can, they are basically a publicity house for the British audio industry - they'll reliably deduct a star from anything that is not British in any category, pretty much - and never provide measurements either, it's entirely subjective stuff... :-D

Note I am not saying the Rega sounded *bad* - it just didn't seem to provide any discernible edge over what I already had.


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Sep 4, 2021
Similarly I had a loan Brio to try at home. I convinced myself I could tell it apart from my Sony AVR it was to replace and ordered one. Fortuntately I came here soon enough to have my ears opened, checked again and realised I couldn't. I cancelled the order just in time.


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Dec 21, 2020
Another set of independent measurements for Elicit-R, again in Russia, https://www.pult.ru/articles/stereousiliteli/integrirovannyy-usilitel-rega-elicit-r/ globally Ok but nothing exceptional as far as I can see.
When I am going to spend 1000's I would like a little more detail. I do appreciate all who partake in bring forth something, definitely not bad[Elicit R] or ground breaking. But I do believe the amps I am using now, manufactured in the early 2000's beat them and I got two of these amps for 800 dollars, which I am running in mono.

I got to say to be crystal clear, we have a post on here for some crappy hybrid monoprice tube amp which I purchased for 20 dollars on clearance. I believe the sinad was 36 db or something beyond grotesquem, the measurements were beyond the beyond of bad. I got no clue man, I listen to the amp on occasion with my only pair of high sensitivity speakers and they sound good. Honestly even amir stated that youre going to hear noise when the speakers aren't playing anything and honestly it's very very low, I actually didn't even notice it until putting my ear very close to the tweeter. I am not here to say it's the most spectacular sounding amp I have ever heard, nor do I have massive experience so the learning curve maybe a factor, yet makes me wonder what is really something horrible sounding via amplification.

But this goes back to my earlier point, if you want me to dish out a lot of money you better have something to say hey this is worth that much. I dont expect competence in a 150 dollar amp but when it comes to 2000 give me something, cause we can all just assume it's really bad. Like the statement we just listen.. well my 20 dollar amp that I listened to isn't an abomination, so that doesn't mean you can provide me with the same for even a 1000 lol
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