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Reference Quality Rock Music


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Apr 18, 2020
It's rare to find well recorded rock music. For some sub-genres, spending a ton of money on a studio recording and trying to get a pleasant mix would be rather hypocritical. Still, I like rock music, and I like it to be well recorded. I am mostly interested in what other people will post, but I feel compelled to start the thread off with a few recommendations. I'll start lite and end heavy.

Live: Mental Jewelry. This whole cd is very well recorded. Subsequent releases were a step down in audio quality, to my ears at least.
Here's "You are the World"

Faith No More: The Real Thing. Overall the CD is a bit bass shy, but their "War Pigs" cover managed to have a good balance, and great clarity:

Metallica: Black Album. I have the DVD Audio version of this, though I listen in stereo. The stand out for me is "Sad but True" for how the drums are recorded so prominently (with high dynamics).

Danzig: Lucifuge. This whole CD is very well recorded. Rick Ruben got it right for once (broken clock I guess). Here's "Pain in the World".

Pantera: Vulgar Display of Power (Remastered). The remaster of this disc is pretty good (could have been a little smoother). The stand-out for me is "Regular People (Conceit)"
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