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Recommendation for 2.1 system for Music Room


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Jun 10, 2022
Abuja, Nigeria
Hello all,

I am in the process of adding a music room extension to my home office. This is my first attempt at a audiophile setup. My living room is an atmos setup with dual sub but it is tuned mostly for movies and listening to music on it is not a good experience.

The room is about 1040 Cubic ft (or 29 Cubic Meters) Measurement are W=11ft, L = 10.5ft, H = 9ft. I have attached a floor layout of the room to this post.

Based on the excellent work of @amirm and general positive review by users on here, I settled for the Aiyima A07 as power amplifier and the SMSL DO100 for my DAC.

Music source would come from a DIY music streamer made up of the Raspberry Pi4 paired with the Hifiberry Digi2 Pro (If I did this again I would have gone with the Allo Boss2 Dac for the Pi)

Before I discuss speakers, I would like to add an important context. I live in Nigeria but would be ordering most of my parts from the US. (The US and China are the 2 most accessible foresign markets accessible to Nigerians based on trade volumes and patterns) decided to order the AMP and DACs from China while the speakers would be ordered from the US.

For Speakers I am considering bookshelf speakers. But budget is around $150 (but I can go up to $250 if the speakers would greatly improve the experience)

I generally have an Eclectic taste in music although I tend to like indie, alternative side of the music spectrum. I also love folk, afrobeat (fusion of funk, jazz and West African high life music) You would also catch me listening to likes of Lofi, Ambient, and Chill Music.

Right now, and based on general review, the speakers I am looking at are:
Jamo S803
JBL Stage A130
Emotiva B1+

Based on price and reviews, I am currently favoring the Jamo, but the reported scooped out mid-range has me concerned and I have started to consider the JBL A130. The Emotiva is at the ceiling limit of my budget (is it worth it?)

In terms of sub, I settled for the SVS SB 1000 unfortunately, it could not be shipped to my country. I got a message from my shipper and he said the sub came in with a "MAGNETIZED MATERIAL,DO NOT SHIP BY AIR". tag. I don't know how common this is for audio equipments but I have settled to go for something with smaller drives. like a 10 inch driver. I very much prefer a sub that is especially tuned for music listening. Something tight, clean and fast. One of the reason I considered the SVS was because it is a sealed Sub and goes as low as 25hz but I read people here say must music rarely go below sub 30hz.

The weight of the sub matters to me because I would be shipping them per lb hence the heavier it is the more money to ship. I think 35lb is a good spot. Subwoofers I have considered (for their price point include:

Jamo C910
Emotiva flex Sub8
SVS SB 1000 (I found a seller on ebay who ships without the "no air shipping tag)

My subwoofer budget is $450 Max (including shipping)

Because the items would be shipped and used in Nigeria, I do not have a return option. Thus historical reliability of an item matters to me too. I would not be able to claim warranty or return.

I would appreciate if the community can help go through my plans and help with recommendation especially on the speaker and sub.


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