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Reading for how to guide to EQ for speakers and room


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Jan 8, 2022
Hi All. These threads get techie fast ... part of the attraction. However: while I wait for Amir's Room Measurement for Dummies v3 ... Do you have recommendations for reading to help me understand the practical steps needed to EQ my speakers and to correct for my room. I have a stereo set up, 2.0 passive ,no Sub (yet) and no experience of this.
I have REW, and will get a measuring microphone.
I'm convinced, because of this site, that EQ is the next audio upgrade - I should learn to correct this before I fiddle too much with new gear.
Advice and thoughts will be welcome, but please don't dive into the tech detail before I can understand the fundamentals
E.g. What do I need to put in the signal path, permanently and temporarily. How much is setup and forget as opposed to continuous monitoring and adjusting. Can I do this with my laptop or do I need dedicated kit (DSP?)I
Pointers to reading - blogs, websites, books - would be great
Thanks for your help
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