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Questions on dac double amp setup


Aug 31, 2021
My HTPC receiver died, I've got a HTPC and gaming PC plugged into the TV via HDMI. TV outputs audio via optical PCM to my receiver. If i watch normal TV the audio is also output via optical. An active subwoofer is also in the mix via the receiver sub out.

The volume is controlled digitally via the source device.

Speakers are currently:

The sub has high pass filter and L+R RCA in.

I haven't had much luck searching for something affordable that is powerful enough to drive these speakers. The Loxie A30 comes in on the under powered side, I was really keen on that model.

I'm now thinking of buying 2 cheaper amps to drive each speaker channel, is this a good idea?

I'm looking at:

1x SMSL M100 MKII Audio DAC
2x Aiyima A07 Amp
2x Power supply for amp
2x 3 way RCA plug (to split the channels so it can go from both speaker and to sub in).

~$250USD total, more than half compare to a cheap receiver.


I want the source to continue controlling the volume so DAC and AMPS will be set to my speakers max loudness, will the DAC/AMP honor the volume or will it override whatever the source is set to?
Is there anything im overlooking?
Is this advisable?
Any suggestions?


Major Contributor
Nov 6, 2018
On the positive side, at least your version of these speakers actually has a half-decent looking crossover, so you could say at least they tried, even if they can't spell "Impedanz" (impedance) properly. At 90€ / pair (!) retail, I'd still imagine the drivers are some of the cheapest junk imaginable, all assembled with the finest Chinese sweatshop labor. 300 W power handling? Pure fantasy land. I wouldn't be surprised to see well below 100 W in standard testing.

Your cobbled-together contraption should basically work, but I can't say I like it very much at all. It's not the most practical setup, and you'll still be left with kinda junky speakers and without proper bass management.

I'd try not to run before you can walk and assemble something around a pair of decent 2.0 actives, leaving the sub aside for now. Since you have speakers sold in Germany, can you order at Thomann by any chance? Then I'd try assembling something around a pair of Behringer B2031A... you could leave the M100 (even if a DAC with a volume control option would be a bit more practical) but I would add one Behringer HD400 and assorted cabling (2x RCA - 1/4" TS + 2x 1/4" TRS to XLR, e.g. Cordial CFU 3 PC + 2x CFM 1,5 MV). That would be 344€ within Germany plus whatever the M100 is (86€ + potentially import tax, I haven't looked where it ships from). Plus speaker stands, whatever you need... if you can't find anything else suitable, the old speakers may prove decent enough for now. Also have a look at their acoustic elements while you're there, I might look at a set of CBT-37 Melamine GR and one of WAS-7 Melamine gray (I don't fancy smelly PU foam much, even if it's cheaper).

Actually you could still integrate the sub in the same manner that you were planning to before, but I'm not sure whether it'll be particular necessary. Depends on what you're listening to at what sort of levels.
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